Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RALLY Coming! All Elements are there.

Listen to the market! Today something happened that we haven't seen in a few weeks. The market was UP in the midst of some very bad news. The Divergences are setting in and the mrkt has managed to churn around at lows for a few sessions and it is very evident that the bears are tired. RALLY RALLY RALLY! Up we go from here and this rally could be very powerful, however the skies are not all blue. This should be a nice tradeable rally! Enjoy!


Skyb0x said...

Makes sense. I like it! I think with the overhead supply from recent chop it may slow down any rally. What would be ideal is if we spike down one more time to pull out the weak longs so the rally out of this correction will be more forceful.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're right. The bears definitely looked tired this afternoon. I thought we were headed for another sustained leg down when the market went negative in the afternoon. I've been positioned and waiting on a rally since last Friday. BTW, nice work on the SRS trades! -TVH

Stewie said...

This mrkt has been full of surprises. I wouldn't be shocked to see this mrkt open lower and bring in some more shorts and raise the fear levels a little more but the bear sure look tired here and i totally expect some bullish action soon. Actually the MOST ideal situation and for a sustained rally that lasts more than just one day is to have the mrkts open lower and sort of tank for a little and then reverse up HARD. we'll find in a few short hours here. Good luck guys.

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