Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wake UP and Smell the Bull Market!

The charts have morphed to a degree in the past few days/weeks that this is the most bullish i have been in a number of years. Ignore the talking heads and recession talk we all feared 2-4 weeks ago. The market corrected and it was scary and very ugly. Those charts are so damn bullish that new highs should be coming soon. I just follow the charts and they are screaming at me now. 2008 will be a good one for stocks i believe. There is so much pessimism out there and there are a lot of people betting against the market meanwhile the charts are screaming at a major bottom. This will only add fuel to the bullish tone. It feels like a new Bull market almost is in the works. Just follow the charts. Let's hope i am right, how awesome would that be! Enjoy!

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