Friday, October 11, 2013

Reviewing The AOT "TOP PICKS" This Week

Hey folks

Wanted to quickly update the AoT "TOP PICKS" that triggered this week. It was a super volatile week which is very typical of October but as you are going to see the AoT "Top Picks" did quite well despite the volatility BUT you needed to be proactive and work to MOVE STOPS , TRIM gains, and/or actively manage stops losses as many of the triggered setups did work but you needed to be quite involved when the market is swinging wildly from one direction to the other. 

Hopefully, they were helpful to you. As always, questions, feedback, comments are welcomed! 

CX : a short setup which triggered below $11 and hit the 10.50 first target before reversing on mrkt rally.

GCAP : triggered over 12.50. Ran up about 8% before reversing lower today.

GGAL : triggered over 9.95 and is up about 7.5% since then. Still looks strong.

GSVC: triggered and went up 2.2% before reversing lower as market sold off hard mid week.

MAN: it held up thru out market's selloff and triggered friday morning and ran up 2% . Still looks very strong

TIF: short setup triggered below 75.70 and dropped 2.7% before reversing on mrkt rally. 

Here are some other setups that triggered that weren't AoT "TOP PICKS" 

TCK : Short setup triggered and dropped 3.6% before reversing with market's rally late in the week.

VCLK : short setup triggered and felt 7.8% before reversing with market's late week upside move.

WLT:  long triggered over $15 and ran up 4.40% before falling on market's early week selloff.

RMD: triggered and is up 3.30% since then. Still looks strong.

SYRG: triggered over 10.65 and hit the 11.00 target and then some!

Check out this video on "HOW TO PLAY The AoT BREAKOUTS" 

Here's some cool feedback i got today from an AoT member 

  "Just letting you know that I appreciate your work and like your short term approach.
I have plenty of successful trades using your work.  And, everything goes well as long as I respect the stops on the downside for the ones that don't work out.
Sometimes I will trail stops on winners on part of the position (for a while) instead of always selling out.   Obviously, that's good sometimes and not others.  In this case, it worked.
As one example, I bought SBGI at 32.15 and sold this morning at 34.01.
Also, you helped me get into NXST just below 37 back on 9/18.  I still have part of that position.
I find that it helps to keep an eye on your recommended stocks well after the recommended date.  Often, the winners will create new buy  opportunities in the following weeks (at least in a bull market).
Yes, I make plenty of mistakes too (my goal is not even to be right 50% of the time), but living to fight another day is the key. 
Thanks again for the ideas you generate"

Bill M. 

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Friday, October 4, 2013

What Is an AoT "TOP PICK" ?

Hey folks,

If you follow me on twitter or Stocktwits, then you have probably seen me constantly post charts and setups.  Some are labeled : "AoT TOP PICK(s)" :

So what exactly is an "AoT TOP PICK" you ask??

Well here it is in a nutshell, every evening, i email 'ART OF TRADING' members a new list of Stock Setups. Each nightly list contains around 4-6 stocks on average. These stocks are carefully selected after spending HOURS of scanning for the 'HIGHEST QUALITY setups i am able to spot in my watchlists. These are very selectively chosen stocks that have the 'HIGHEST probability' of exploding higher or breaking out any day now(imminent breakouts in other words). I also provide an 'ideal entry" price.
Again, these entry prices are very carefully chosen.

From this nightly list of 4-6 stocks, i try and pick out what i think are the "TOP PICK(s)" : or my absolute TOP 1 or 2 favorite setup(s) that looks most poised to move the NEXT DAY (or very soon).

SO only the TOP OF THE TOP qualifies as an AoT "TOP PICK(S)"

Below you'll see the UPDATED charts of this week's "AoT TOP PICKS" that 'triggered entries' and how they worked out for ART OF TRADING members!

For the first week of October there was a total of 8 "TOP PICKS" that triggered entries.

Here are the charts! 

Here are some other names that stood out from the AoT watchlists this week but were not AoT "TOP PICKS" 

Some feedback recieved this week from AoT members 

Hey Stewie,

You da man!  Just letting you know after yesterday's action in the overall market and all this chop and slop with DC involved, I took it nice and easy today and only took 3 setups:  CIEN, DANG and UBNT.

I bot em right at the breakout levels, peeled 1/2 off when up $1, then booked my 2/3 on UBNT at $37.  Still have 1/3 on UBNT and will hold DANG.

Already booked on 2 and paid for my AoT membership for 6 months.  Well done and thanks a million.

I have actually been following you in the public domain and studying your charts since 2010 or so, I think, and love your style and your awesome charts.  I'm so glad to be a member now.

Thanks again, and have a great weekend.  And stay off that ankle!

(Brand new AOT member , still on FREE TRIAL)  

Great 4 days for me as I started with your service Tuesday and plan to subscribe for the long term.  Made money every day....  Not looking to get rich but don't want to go back to a 9 to 5 job either.
Thanks for the great trades and being a great guy.  Good guys sometimes do finish first.

Have a great weekend.

Michael W. (Brand new AOT member , still on FREE TRIAL)

Thanks for all the great setups this week! Followed you in MHR and KKD.  I played CIEN today, entered at 26.02 , sold out at $27.  

Mike S. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments, feedback etc, email me or tweet me ! 
I'm always willing and really enjoy helping!

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