Monday, March 17, 2008

You Know You Are Near Capitulation Levels When...

The selling becomes hard, fast, intense and when they sell everything insight, even the mighty GOLD and CRUDE. Hey, when they wanna raise cash as a measure of desperation they will sell everything they own even the strongest groups.


fish said...

Near, not there yet. When you have everyone calling a possible bottom, it's never there. Too much impatience to hit that bottom and BUY BUY BUY!

Another day of horrid news, idiots adding new shorts down -200, people fading the gap and the rest of the day is just a lame battle between shorts and longs.

Not purging on a day like this tells us nothing.

Wake me when we blast through new lows and i'll consider going long.

Stewie said...

hey fish, the day pointed to a very ugly day and the pessimism was there, i was really hoping for a nice hard trend day down and we see rubber band stretch and a snap back into the green. it was sloppy. i didn;t like it. more likely still more downside to come sooner or later.

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