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I will tell you straight up that many trading services don't offer a free trial and many expect you to pay a fee upfront before even joining! I just don't get why so many services do that? I mean i would personally want to get a feel for the service first before making a monetary commitment. My style might not fit the service provider's style, ambitions, or method. Why would i have to pay upfront to find out? It makes little sense to me.
At the ART OF TRADING, you'll get a 14 day free trial, no questions asked! You like it, you'll stay. You don't like it, you log in to YOUR paypal and cancel. Cannot be more straight forward or easier.


Do we have winning trades ALL the time? NO! Have we shown an ability to produce good returns over a longer stretch of time? YES! We have accurate and fully transparent results of EVERY SINGLE TRADE since the trading service started in March 2009. EVERY SINGLE TRADE has been accounted for. EVERY SINGLE ALERT is emailed to you, sent in text message to your cell phone and/or called out live in the chat room. We have periods where we under perform and periods where we hit strong trades many times over. ALL trades, performance and PnL can be seen here.


Once you sign up, I want you to ALWAYS remember this: YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!
I urge ALL my members to email me directly, some even call me on my cell phone or contact me in the chat room directly to discuss any issues you may be having. If you are not doing well then i am not doing well and i take ALL my members' results to heart. I need to see ALL my members do well. I will stick by you thru thick or thin. I know that trading can be a very UP and DOWN business and we will ALL go thru these vicious WIN and LOSE cycles. My goal is to help you recognize and manage thru good and bad cycles in YOUR trading.


We have a chat room with numerous good traders eager and willing to help each other EVERY SINGLE DAY! We all share our trades in real time and are always looking to help each other out and we all work as a team. No egos, no useless banter, 100% SUPPORTIVE and EFFECTIVE! I am in the chat room EVERY SINGLE DAY and that's where i spend most of my day doing my absolute to best to support/help/educate my crew.


Many traders who joined and have stuck with the ART OF TRADING for a while have quickly realized that this is not just a "simple trading alerts"business. THIS IS A MENTORSHIP program! You are thrown directly into the journey of a full time trader now is coming on to 7 years. I use technical analysis as my major tool so expect LOTS OF CHARTS, CHARTS, CHARTS!! So expect YOUR technical analysis knowledge to improve dramatically while you are here! You will also see the ins and outs of trading for a living and work with a team mate to carry you thru this wild journey!

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