Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Setups To Watch

The past 2 weeks, the market has been in a real funky mood and really hasn't been giving us much in terms of good quality bullish bases and traction has been pretty much non existent but today some decent setups have popped up on the scans(finally). Let's hope these actually stay firm and gain some traction here.

As always, check ALL your stocks earnings dates! I never hold any stock thru earnings and most importantly, RESPECT your stop losses.

Remember: Don't fall in love with a stock: They do not love you. Trade it accordingly to a set plan and stick to that plan, win or lose.

Best of luck!

Email me if you have any questions:

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ziimer said...

Hi Stewie , Great Blog.

How do you determine when to get into a stock once it breaks a support/resistance level price target? Does it have to break the target than stay above it for awhile or should a person enter the trade immediately upon breaking the price target? I've never been to clear about this?


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