Friday, February 22, 2013

New ART OF TRADING Member Gives Feedback After 2 days

Hi, Stewie,

This is my second day with the service and I have to give you a great big thank you already! I am impressed with your professionalism, how you manage the chat room, the good information and education you provide. .

I started trading as a hobby about a year ago, having left my professional career, needing a challenge and a change. I studied on my own extensively before trying out a couple of chat rooms. I was actually doing okay buying support and selling resistance. Then I thought that I could probably do even better by following the pros. The styles of the traders in those rooms are so different from mine that there was no way for me to succeed. Even though they knew what they were doing, I felt like I had to be brave enough to jump on and off moving trains at my own discretion. I suffered hits not only to my account but to my confidence. I decided to take a break and just observe for a while. After doing months of research and observing many people on Twitter, I narrowed down my search to three possible services I am interested in. You have a solid reputation on Twitter and your chart work is amongst the best of the best, so I decided to start here...

I appreciate your commentary on stocks and the market throughout the day. You do a great job with the chat room and your email updates.

It's still early yet, but I am really hoping this is where I will find a "home" and won't have to look any further.

Keep up the great work, Stewie!

Gladys (Gtrades)

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