Monday, April 8, 2013

ART OF TRADING Members Feedback


I'm liking this new  "pick of the day" idea of yours - don't really like short term (less than a month) option trading, but it gives me some solid short term (and apparently reliable) ideas to work with.

HD April 72.50 calls, up 25%
DIS April 60 calls, up 50% 

makes for a nice bit of a boost to my trading this month. Keep it up! :-)

..... sold my BMY calls for +74%  from your Feb 28th call. Might be going higher but a bit of a parabolic move over the past few days so taking my gains.

Just wanted to say Thanks! for the heads up on that one. Well spotted!
 Brian C. (ART OF TRADING member for about 1 year)


Thanks for another great trading day!!...

...All told, I am up $881 today putting my account at $31,618 after just passing the $30,000 mark two weeks ago. If you keep these stellar trades coming my way, I'll be at $50,000 in no time. Have a great weekend.

Ben R. (ART OF TRADING member off and on for over 4 years)

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"Thanks for the suggestions this week! With your help my net gain was +5.3% :-)"  

April 5th
Derrick L. (ART OF TRADING member for 3 weeks)

My first trade with you has been going well :)  I got in PG at 77.55 and stopped out of half of my shares today @78.90.   Still holding half of my shares with a .10 trailing stop..  Thanks!!

Jeremy K . (ART OF TRADING Member still on Free Trial) 

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