Monday, May 20, 2013

ART OF TRADING Members Feedback !

You do a fantastic job Stew and you should know that your efforts and guidance are having REAL positive effects on both my personal and professional life.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to many more years as AOT member and will continue to recommend your services to everyone I know.

Kind regards,
Chad L.

                                         ART OF TRADING Trade Alerts

Long                        PG             $77.48                    78.37               830           $738.70   
Short                    TCK              $27.51                    26.55              2360      $2,265.60   
Short                     SLB              $73.52                   73.04               880          $422.40   
Long                    CVS              $47.28                    47.35               1170         $81.90   
Long                     HD               $70.03                    70.17                300          $42.00   
Long                   EWW             $74.46                    75.35                870        $774.30   
Long                    DLTR            $47.28                    47.35                1370         $95.90   
Short                   CDE               $17.27                    16.95               3750      $1,200.00   
Short                  CRUS              $21.88                    21.09               2960      $2,338.40   
                                                     Chat Room calls    
Long                 NFLX             $162.47                  165.6                 300         $939.00   
Long                 VXX                $19.24                   20                       2000    $1,520.00   
                Total    $10,418.20   

Sold LTD at 53.24. up $1,300 for the day. Thanks for the cheddar Stewie!!

Ben R. 

Cashing in all my $C calls (paid $0.55) , sold for $1.19.  Happy with more than a 100% gain on this!


Brian C. 

Awesome day! C, BAC, WFC, 20-35% profit made on calls. LTD few hundreds on scalping.

This has been my best month ever at the Art Of Trading service. 

Nathan M. 

 Stew,  you have been spot on!  I admire your ability to "adjust" on the fly.  It really is a weakness of mine and I am forever impressed with your skill in making difficult decisions and keeping your eye on the next opportunity.  Thanks so much!! 


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