Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holy Grail


ainkurn said...

I was curious whether the Holy Grail was a technical setup, or just a euphemism for a good setup. now I know...thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

hey....I like the whole Holy Grail idea. I use IB and Scottrade. Would you be able to explain to me step by step how to set up a chart on either one (preferably scottrade) to the type of charts that you use for daytrading.

Stewie said...

hi Brett. i am not sure how to set up using these brokers. but it is pretty simple. all you need the 20 bar moving average. just focus on stocks are in very strong trends and wait till they pullback to test/consolidate at the 20 MA. check my archives. i have plenty of holy grail trades. it's one of my two favorite patterns.

Anything-Goes said...

what is the other fav pattern?

Stewie said...

hi a-g,

i just made a new post explaining my other fav. pattern. the DBD. check my archives and i have a detailed explanation of it. check my archives on NOV. 27.

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