Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Study In Spotting FAlling Wedges USing DXD


Anonymous said...

I am all for spotting patterns in charts, but sometimes the patterns get spotted that might not be there.

Try using a line chart, instead of a candlesticks, you are more likely to not selectively choose between higs, lows, open or close on candles for your trends.

This should help you to find the true trends, rather than the ones you want to see.

Some of those wedges are not really wedges.

Anonymous said...

I just found this wedge explanation and your blog...must note that it's exactly what I've been seeing and playing in silver this last year or so, over and over.
(mostly using SLV, but looking for a more "leveraged" way to play silver, since I'm just starting and only have a few thousand with which to 'play')

Suri said...

Read falling and rising wedges pattern in a book 'Trade chart patterns like the pros' by Suri duddella from surinotes. this book explains well about patterns


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