Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Short Setups


Anonymous said...


hi, i'm completely new to this, and amazed at your posts. So as to learn, in the case of IVGN, if you would have shorted it, what would have been your stop, or how you determine it?
thanks rgds


Stewie said...

thanks rafa.
i would have shorted IVGN once it broke 36. stop 36.5

fjords said...

Thanks for the charts!

On the LVS trade, I was seeing a triple bottom on that one with divergence in MACD and RSI. If I saw that one on my own, I think I would have thought about going long. What made you think LVS was going to go lower?

I also wanted to say Thank you for being so generous with your advise on trading. Truly inspiring. Thanks again.


Stewie said...

fjord: thanks buddy. i agree with your analysis on the divergances but look at the volume patterns below. huge red volume at lows indicating distribution and also yesterday's candle spoke volumes in my book, very weak, big red candle down to support and that negatated all bullish divergnces and opens the door to trap All the bulls who bot that pattern. ouch!!

Anonymous said...


thanks a lot. May I ask what is your criteria for $36 as the entry and $36.5 as stop?. thanks again for sharing.
Also, do you have on your blog, or if you can tell, what would be your recommended reading (books, articles)?, at least for what you do, which seems to be quite precise.
b rgds

Stewie said...

hi rafa. 36 breaks the previous day's lows and support. 36.6 stop is just a general area where i feel the trade is cease to work. Please go thru my archives. spend the weekend going my archives. you'll find tons of educational stuff. forget books, just read thru my archives.

Anonymous said...



thanks a lot


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