Tuesday, November 4, 2008

March To The Bull's Beat


Phantasmix said...

Stewie, enlargements aren't loading.

Stewie said...

phanta: try again. it's working fine from my end. the are RIG, OXY and BXP i case you can't see them. Setting up in sweet H&S patterns. look set for higher prices.

Anonymous said...

Sell the news (election results) tomorrow? I wouldn't be surprised to see a little pullback here first.

Enlargements working fine on my computer (I use Firefox).

Stewie said...

visions of a SELL THE NEWS early followed by bargain hunting later in the session.

Phantasmix said...

Charts load fine now.

Thanks! great picks.

I'm officially in the 'buy the weakness' camp now, though 'sell the bounce' was getting sweet and comfy :)

Anonymous said...

great choices, thanks so much for sharing.... jimb

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