Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Upside For Indexes: Inverses Setting Up In Bear Flags

30 and 60 min uncovering hidden patterns not visible thru daily charts. More upside likely in tmrw's session.

trade em smart!


bh said...

Many traders have this on their radar I think, thus the buying on the dips. My theory is that *if* we see this pattern fail, that we might get the VIX to break out to the upside and some serious downside action. That would be a cherry on the top of one bear of a year.

Stewie said...

BH: i ant to agree with your thinking. believe me, i'd love to get long 1000 skf again and see it shoot up 10-20 pts but scanning thru my charts tonight. ALL and I mean ALL the inverse funds are setting up bear flags on the 30-60 min frames and i am expecting them to break down in tmrw's session. So, in essence i am expecting big upside soon. good luck pal.

Stewie said...

ant = want

Stewie said...

big upside on the indexes that is: sorry, it's almost bed time for baby stewie :-)

bh said...

thx stewie. Looks like they've (the inverses) at least broken to the upside as I suspected. Follow through will be the question.

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