Thursday, December 11, 2008


My Trading Log

May PnL Disc.Sell O.N./1Hr Hold

1-May -500 300 3000
2-May 1000 1400 2200
3-May Weekend Weekend Weekend
4-May Weekend Weekend Weekend
5-May 2100 2200 2200
6-May -800 1250 -1500
7-May -2260 -1600 -3000
8-May 0 0 0
9-May 310 0 0
10-May Weekend Weekend Weekend
11-May Weekend Weekend Weekend
12-May -900 -1500 -1500
13-May 1850 1000 1000
14-May -2500 1500 2200
15-May 2280 1500 0
16-May 4150 5000 3000
17-May Weekend Weekend Weekend
18-May Weekend Weekend Weekend
19-May -586 0 0
20-May -825 0 0
21-May 7832 7700 7200
22-May -4700 0 0
23-May 3780 2680 9000
24-May Weekend Weekend Weekend
25-May Weekend Weekend Weekend
26-May Weekend Weekend Weekend
27-May -450 100 -3500
28-May -4800

29-May -1100 750 -1500

31-May 1000

TOTAL 4881 22280 18800

June PnL Disc.Sell O.N./1Hr Hold

2-Jun 100 825 3500
3-Jun 800 800 800
4-Jun -1500 -1500 -1500
5-Jun 2600 2600 2600
6-Jun -300 1000 500
7-Jun Weekend Weekend Weekend
8-Jun Weekend Weekend Weekend
9-Jun 1800 1500
10-Jun -5300 -1800 -500
11-Jun 500 400 2000
12-Jun 150 2500 0
13-Jun -2000 700 -1000
14-Jun Weekend Weekend Weekend
15-Jun Weekend Weekend Weekend
16-Jun 2000 3850 3000
17-Jun 3900 5600 5000
18-Jun 1800 2900 2900
19-Jun -1800 -1500 -3000
20-Jun 600 600 -800
21-Jun Weekend Weekend Weekend
22-Jun Weekend Weekend Weekend
23-Jun 2500 1200 500
24-Jun -180 1000 1000
25-Jun 2450 -1000 0
26-Jun 3750 3700 3750

28-Jun Weekend Weekend Weekend
29-Jun Weekend Weekend Weekend

TOTAL 11870 23375 18750

Dec PnL Disc.Sell O.N./1Hr Hold

1-Dec 900 900 0
2-Dec 100 100 0
3-Dec -600 -600 0
4-Dec 2600 2600 0
5-Dec 4990 4990 0
6-Dec Weekend Weekend Weekend
7-Dec Weekend Weekend Weekend
8-Dec 3950 5500 5500
9-Dec 1200 1200 0
10-Dec 0 0 0
11-Dec 725 725 0

13-Dec Weekend Weekend Weekend
14-Dec Weekend Weekend Weekend





20-Dec Weekend Weekend Weekend
21-Dec Weekend Weekend Weekend





27-Dec Weekend Weekend Weekend
28-Dec Weekend Weekend Weekend



TOTAL 13865 15415 5500


Anonymous said...

I dont quite understand the spreadsheet. Can you explain what the following line means:

1-May -500 300 3000

If the PnL for ON is $3000, and Dis. Sell is $300, how do you end up with a PnL of -500?

Stewie said...

hi. sorry for the confusion. do not add the total. They are all separate. Pnl is what my Pnl was at the end of the day. Dis. Sell is what my would have been had i stopped trading and walked away as part of strict disciplined plan and ONH is the result of my Overnight position. I do not take Overnight positions all the time. In december notice, that i have been following my Disciplined sell strategy and notice that my PnL has been running pretty close to the Discpl. Sell column. ALWAYS a good thing. need this to continue to trade well.

hope it helps.

Blue said...

I like it Stewie. You don't use Col. 2 as a "what I left on the table" type of thing. I like that you use it to discipline and remind yourself to trade your plan. ONH's have been your bread and butter all year, except for that pre-market SKF trade! lol

Good stuff, very forthright mah man. I was very close to these numbers in Oct. when I was trading size, but I still need more time to trade size comfortably. I'm going back to a simple $500 per day profit goal, based on making smart trades. If I make a smart trade but don't get $500 so be it. I will also determine share size based on market conditions, not based on 500 shares for a 1pt move. When I get +$500 I protect it, period. I lose $1000-$1500 I stop for the day unless there's a monster close and trade the trend into the close.

Stewie said...

blue: if you strive to book an average of $500 a day or $2500 a week would be a less stressful way of looking at it, you'd make over $100,000 a year. Anybody would be happy that!! try and gauge your results on a weekly basis, if you do it on a daily basis it might add anxiety to performance. track your progress weekly would be a better and less stressful route.

Blue said...

I realized that last month, but not until I lived through the pain of not making it (after nailing it for a couple weeks). You'd think $500 a day would be easy. It's funny that way.

I made another long comment on your next topic. Your blog is the only place I really express myself. I care about all of this so I respond. I hope my comments are worthwhile and don't come across as me wanting to talk about me. If anything it's helped me a great deal to put this learning experience into words. I don't like to write unless I think it will awaken more meaningful discussion or awaken something more in me.

Complacent Panda said...

I would seriously consider paying to follow your trades.

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