Friday, January 2, 2009

Futures DO NOT Get More Boring Than this!

Dow -5, sp500 -0.3, Nasdaq -1. I think i might extend my time off until monday.


Salsaman said...

Off-topic question. Do you use Stockcharts with the live datafeed? I was wondering if it was fast enough for day trading and scalps.

Stewie said...

salsa: i use stockcharts with live quotes but the charts are not streaming so day trading would be very difficult. you would have to refresh the page every time. i just use it to track all my stocks in realtime.

Crude Oil Trader said...

While they are to expensive to use for trading, I do keep an account open with Scottrade just so I can get the live stream.

Great blog, I'll be visiting often!

Forex Trading System said...

Not much happening as everyone is still off. Happy Birthday Baby New Year.

MC said...

Happy new year my friend!


Stewie said...

crude oil trader: thnx bro and i also use scottrade for streaming live trades.

FTS and Pinoy: thnx guys and happy new year. much love!

thespaw said...

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Best Regards,

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