Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stingy Market?

Is it me or has this market been very Stingy? I am not seeing the kind of easy 'low hanging fruit' trades i was seeing a few weeks ago. Two months ago i would NOT have been satisfied if i made $700 on the day. i was shooting for at least $5000 everyday. But now, I am really struggling to find good stuff to trade after the opening hour. Everything just seems to die down and chop.
This week is almost out and i only made 3 trades. 2 winners and 1 loser and i am up $1400 on the week. This is lame but unfortunately i cannot force trades, i must take them as they manifest themselves. I think the main reason why this market has been stingy is because of the lack of volume. No volume begets choppy markets and over trading choppy markets is suicidal. Need the volume to come back!

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gamingthemarket said...

This makes me laugh cause it's dejavu from last summer. I'm happy w/ low vol. that trends on longer time frames.

These oozing sore, slow drip, days seem to play well for swing trading. A small counter-trend entry on shorts like MA LVS FSLR MON and long SKF SDS since last Fri or Mon have worked out nicely. It does test one's patience though.

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