Friday, February 5, 2010

Art Of Trading Performance This Week

This week was extremely challenging and very volatile!! So i am very happy that with a little discipline to quickly sell what was not working and book gains on profitable positions without giving back any gains. The alerts managed an up week in a week where the indexes got killed again. I am a little disappointed in that if i followed my gut with confidence, this not only could have been an up week but an amazing week to be honest.
Regardless, I want to build on this and i am going to stick to what has been working.

In the end, any time you make money in a down week in the market is a GOOD WEEK!


LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss
Holding Period

LONG DRV 14.9 14.45 -1.5
swing trade
LONG BUCY 53.3 54 1.31
day trade
LONG MAC 32.35 32.4 0.15
day trade
LONG MMR 16.86 16.81 -0.3
day trade
LONG MNTA 15.1 14.97 -0.86
day trade
LONG TZA 10.88 11.04 0.75
swing trade
LONG SMN 9.58 9.77 0.99
swing trade
SHORT CLNE 16.36 16 2.2
day trade

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