Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trades Taken Today In The Art Of Trading

Had some killer picks today! Cam into today long positions which were profitable yesterday BUT got stopped out with reasonable losses today BUT thankfully, CAGC and TSTC setup for me on a silver platter and i had to jump on the opportunities! Nothing better than a nice short squeeze in a couple of highly shorted names to turn your day around.


Mark H said...

Curious as to why you went long on those as they look like they (almost) set up on the "Stewie Holy Grail" set up short. Any insight is appreciated! Thanks.

Stewie said...

HI mark. indeed they looked like inverse HG setups BUT i went purely on a market call as i bleieved we would see a big short squeeze hit the tape that day. So i jumped in CAGC and TSTC as they are highly shorted and thought they would squeeze like a bat out of hell and luckily enough they did just that!
hope that helps.

Mark H said...

Got it! Totally makes sense, thank you, I appreciate it.

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