Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trades Taken Today In The Art Of Trading Chat Room!

Some of the active traders in the ART OF TRADING chat room killed it today! Here are two of the better trades that took place here today.
Both these trades were called live by two members in the chat room.


fjords said...

Hi Stewie,

What was it that made you bullish on ATPG? Could you please go thru your logic or thought process on this one?

Stewie said...

Hi Fjords,

Sorry for the late reply. ATPG was a play that was called and play by other traders in my chat room. It was not my call: "SWOONED" from the chat room most likely saw that sideways consolidation and then an explosion in volume coupled with the fact that ATPG is a highly shorted issue similar to BP cause the stock to explode!

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