Monday, July 26, 2010

Art Of Trading Members Book Nice Gains From Recent Stock Picks!

"Hi Stewie,

Great call on VECO. It was tricky trading, but I made $1653 in 50 minutes of trading, and I am done for the day. I have been doing very little trading lately. It was your emails and charts over the weekend that prompted me to trade this morning.

I like the emails about how other traders trade. This is really good stuff! Keep up the good work!


"Sold out of all my positions a few minutes ago. I booked $277 on Friday and another $1,320 today for a total of $1,597 between the two days and I still left a good $500 on the table with exits and timing. Thanks for the great picks!!!


"Hi Stewie,
I also would like to say how much I've been enjoying all of the updates and the variety of emails. And you certainly outdid yourself with the charts this weekend! So keep up the good work.
And I love the chat room. I find it to be very civilized as well as informative, and on occasion, humorous. Great group of people.


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