Monday, September 13, 2010

This Member Is Still On Free Trial!!

Your chatroom has a lot of experienced traders and they are pretty outspoken with new stocks setting up, strategies etc.
The reason I had a good day today is
1. recognized profits on TTM from this morning's rally at $23
2. You saved me from the Cree short (not sure if you recall, but i asked about cree short in the chatroom and you quickly responded with your opinion against it). The stock is up 2.71% today.
3. Scalped longs and recognized profits in NTAP and ALR (I think these two stocks were mentioned in the chatroom).
Most importantly, the chatroom and your emails have made me more risk averse. I learned how to look for setups that provide the best risk/reward.
I am really thankful for the personal attention you provide to your subscribers. I feel more confident going into a position now knowing that If i have doubts, I have someone to go to for expert advice.
This is a great service!!

Mansi (Pixelm)

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