Monday, June 6, 2011

Art Of Trading Members' Feedback On Recent Trades!!

Hey Stewie,

I notice that "bye bye" are your magic words today :)

I shorted YOKU @ 40.50 (from the SHORTS SETUPS LIST sent yesterday) after you wrote "bye bye YOKU"

I covered half @ 39.08 (+3.5%) and another half @ 36.77 (+9%).

Your call was PERFECT!


Laura (member for 1.5 years!)


Entered the NTES trade after the trigger(from the shorts setups watchlist) I waited for the bounce and placed order 300 shares at $45.23 short

Sold 100 at $44.61 Sold 100 at 44.25 and out on last at 44.17

100 profit $ 62.00

100 profit $ 98.00

100 profit $ 106.00

Total $ 266.00

Again great call Stewie!!!


John (member for 2 months)

Hi Stewie,

Great picks for yesterday! Here are my trades, I took profits and cut losses quickly:

AFFX entry 7.12
half exit 7.32 for +2.8%
half exit 7.18

QPSA entry 8.79
full exit 9.23 for +5%

SQNM entry 8.21
half exit 8.30
half exit 8.33 for +1.4%

CORT entry 4.96
full exit 4.91 for -1%

GGP entry 16.48
half exit 16.60 for +0.7%
quarter exit 16.70 for +1.3%
quarter exit 16.47

QTM had alert but missed a nice one.

Glad to hear your daughter is fine!

Thanks and enjoy your weekend!

Moti (member for over 1.5 years!)

Hi Stewie,

Good to hear your girl is ok, some good sleep should take care of it now! As requested my entry/exits

QPSA 9.01 entry stopped out at 8.88 = -1.44% (was nervous going long, should have kept that!)
QTM 3.27 entry, took at 3.45 = +5.50%
SQNM 9.02 entry took at 9.32 = +3.30% (from chat yesterday)

Thank you

Dave (member for 1 month)



Nice short setups. It seems to me bears are enjoying its moment of glory. Keep up the good work.

Regards from Madrid (Spain)

Stewie said...

thnx sir!

Pramod said...

Dear Stewie,

I have been following you at and you do great work! I would appreciate if you could post a chart on SKX.

Thank you.

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