Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recent Feedback From ART OF TRADING Members!!


just wanted to thank you personaly. just in the last 2 weeks i think now since joining you i've got my account going in the right direction gonna be long battle to recover my losses from before but with you i have confidence to do it.

Thanks man

Out FMCN for a $900 gain. Great charting Stew!

Kevin (kstock)

Hi Stewie,

Your setups are glorious mate! Always look forward to seeing your new setups. I know i am still new here but i feel like i might have finally found a service that fits what i am looking for. In just 3 weeks of hanging out in the chat room i feel like i have learned more than years of reading trading books :-)
Cannot thank you enough for your dedication and hard work!

jean marie

Thanks for your guidance in this tough market. I really enjoy and appreciate the chat room full of the great traders whose guidance and teaching is priceless in this choppy market.

Happy trading.


I consider it professional from you not to trade when you think that the market is too choppy/risky. I wouldn't trust traders who trade several times a day because they believe they must trade in order to satisfy their subscribers.

Your reactivity per emails, chat, etc. is impressive. I wonder if you have a team with you taking care of some of the emails you get.


Hey Stewie

I bought AFFX at 7.33 for a swing trade a little while after your buy alert and sold it the next day at 7.55 after your sell alert because of confidence in chat room and obvious reversal in morning gap down.

nice $300 dollar gain!


I made $196 on XG and $175 on MOBI

Bought RAX July 41 puts paid $3.20 Sold them for $4.05



Booked gains on XG, made about a $1000 on it. NICE! :) THX.


I did pretty well on this trade, followed all your rules. Didnt let myself get emotionally involved. I feel im getting better on not getting shaken out.

Since I have joined the chat. I been taking sizes that fit my account.

Just wanted to say thanx for the service!

Nabiel M.


Make sure to ask about SMS texting of the alerts and Auto Trading of the alerts!

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