Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trading A Short Squeeze: Video Discussing The DANG Trade

Stewie I sold Dang 14.50 from 13.50 (7.5% gain) and sold NFLX 297 from 288(3% gain) thank you so much. u rock!


Took a sweet $1 profit out of DANG. Thanks again stewie. Best service out there by far!

Travis F.

Bot a call for $900 sold for $1345 just now [$445 profit]. SCORE! thanks stewie


Made $482 on 500 DANG. thanks!

Stephen G.

Nice calls stewie. Made $800 on DANG and NFLX!


Excellent one.. bought the Jan '12 15 calls and sold today for 40% gain! Thanks!

Jeff G.

Swing Trade updates

DANG in 13.48 out at 14.54 +1.06/ 7.86% gain
NFLX in 288.66 out 196.14 +7.48/ 2.6% gain

Biggest gains in Daytrading/SwingTrading so far thanks to you Stewie, Awesome calls

David S.

LONG DANG 13.43, Closed at 14.69 net gain was 451.00!
LONG NFLX 288.70, Closed at 295.6 net gain was 316.00!
Keep it up STEWIE!


Oh Yea Baby, I did [take the DANG trade]... :)

Entered @ $12.73 (based on your nightly setup graphs previous night) and exit @ $14.60 (slightly later than your sell notification).
Oh by the way, I used July $13 calls so it was a very profitable trade for me!

Thanks Stewie...

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Hey Stewie
once again thank-you for a fantastic pick i went in DANG at 13.45 and sold it this morning for a $.99 gain.
you make this freaking too easy..


I'm in for 1000 @ $13.40. Raised stop to $14.50. Thanks, definitely paid for subscription service.

John K.

Hi Stewie

Here's my trades for the week.

FFIV +.2.24
DE +1.66
DDS +.19
WNR +.40

I sold out of all before the end of Wednesday. Sure wish I held on to these just one more day.
I kept my position size small as I get familiar with your service, the chat room and build my confidence.
I'm planning on sticking with it. I am going long the AOT (Art Of Trading). : )

Jeremy W.


Make sure to ask about SMS texting of the alerts and Auto Trading of the alerts!

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