Monday, April 30, 2012

How To Trade A Bullish Falling Wedge Pattern

Hi folks!

Last week was a GREAT WEEK here at the !

We made a total of 8 trades of which 7 were winners!

We played A FALLING WEDGE PATTERN in 3 of those trades that all turned into very nice winners.
Here's a video to describe HOW to spot and play a BULLISH FALLING WEDGE. Hope it helps!

"Hey Stew, 
You were on fire today!  Thanks so much for the trades today!  I managed to take all of them but at smaller sizes than yours. Still, a few hundred here and there added up to $800!  I missed the WPRT sell alert so I'm still in it.
I'm not sure if you remember but a few months ago, I mentioned to you that your service was the first trading service that I've ever tried.  Since then, I've tried about 5 other services too and yours is the only one I'm still subscribed to.  I really like your cautious approach, transparency, your detailed entries and stops, and the "team" atmosphere in your chat room.  It's also perfect for when I'm away from my desk and can't micro manage trades because of your detailed entries and stops.
Have you ever considered doing a webinar that goes over your style of trading, your set-ups, etc.?  I would definitely attend that.  Hey, maybe you can even charge non-AOT members to attend."

I want to thank you for the generosity of time and expertise you give to members. I am only two months here but not new to trading sites and I will tell anyone, you are the real deal! My gains are similar to the trader gains you published in this mail and also not including wins from the other outstanding talent at your chat room. 
May God bless and protect your house for the gift you give others.

Frank H. 

Stewie : here are my gains for Thursday/Friday on your calls alone:

COF: enter 55.26, exit 55.99 and 55.89, 1400 shares - $952 profit

KORS: enter 44.05, exit 46, 1000 shares, $1950 profit

SLF: enter 24.60, exit 24.70, 3000 shares, $300 profit

CLNE enter 18.55, exit 18.85, 2000 shares, $600 profit (sold WAY too early)

OVTI... oh, I lost on that one!
WPRT: enter, 30.85, exit 31.33, 2500 shares, $1200 profit. 

Thanks Stewie, excellent! + $5000

Time to party!




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