Monday, October 22, 2007

My Strategy/Performnce Today

My strategy for today was to day trade smaller shares and book profits very quickly and exactly what happened. I am very happy with today's trading performance. I like trading smaller share size, it makes me less emotional. Even while the DRYS was going against me, i kept my cool because the position sizing was small and i didn't panic sell. I definitely need to incorporate more of that into my trading. Trading smaller share size and riding out bigger moves.
I could have been a little more patient with my DRYS and JASO trades and squeezed a lot more out of them but overall i am happy with my trades and as long as i make $2000 a day i am happy. Today i booked about $2,900.


Prospectus said...

Nice, Stewie! I hope to be as consistent as you someday.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Keep daytrading and you'll lose your shirt.

99.995% of daytraders lose their houses.

Nice day. Email me... I lost your email.


Time Is Money said...


my email is:

Time Is Money said...

just find a style that fits your personality and get very very good at it. you will find yourself eventually.

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