Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anyone Who Made 'Easy Money' Last Two Weeks and Wondering What Did I Do Wrong This Week?

I need to find a new trading strategy! I will never make money consistently! Every time i make money, i turn around and give it all back later! This is frustrating! Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Bought this stock, shorted this stock and made $5,000! If only i took that trade and not that trade! If only i took this week off! If only i traded with big size this week and taken this week off!

How many times have we ALL said this to ourselves????

.....then, read Optimize Your Trading Edge, by Bo Yoder........

and you will know why this is happening to you.

Anyone who cares about their trading career and trading future MUST read this book.


Johnson's Blog said...

TOTALLY agree. I toned down trading this week simply because of Yoder's book and the fact that we were getting overbought and the tone of the markets leaders was changing. Saved me big $$. Hope you salvaged your week after GFA and CTRP ugliness. Looks like those probably didn't agree with you.

Stewie said...

hi J. I got out of CTRP while it was trending up. once it started to top out, i had a nice double bottom day trade in CTRP. i thankfully avoided yesterday's downgrade. GFA as well, i had a decent trade in it yesterday. i have been pretty much in day trade all week. I am actually taking today and probably tmrw off as we are in a payback cycle for my style of trading. I have pretty much avoided what would have been a drawdown period for me had i kept trading thru this payback cycle. With my style of trading: right when you start to see easy money being printed, then it's time to take your foot off the pedal eventho tho it's very tempting to really push for bigger share size. manage those streaks and you have pretty much mastered trading.

Orange Trader said...

Im going to go to buy it right now, think barnes and nobles has it?

Orange Trader said...

oh i need approval haha

Stewie said...

i got mine from Amazon.

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