Saturday, May 31, 2008

NR7 Setups: Stocks Ready To Explode!


Fatespilot said...

Thanks for your help Stewie! Looking at daily bars for consolidation and wedges today, LOGI stood out.

A few on my low vol. Chinese ADR list also stood out, and I thought you might find them curious:


Anonymous said...

Check out TASR one year chart for one hell of a downtrend line. Hits top about 5 times so far.

Anonymous said...

hey stewie. i bet your making some good green today. 6/2, mxc +6 bucks,jrcc, pdo, agu. you got the world by the balls with the nack you have. if i could just get half your action i would do fine.

Stewie said...

hahaha. thnx bro. HES is doing really well given the down mrkt. surprisingly, a lot of picks are taking off even with the huge down day.

Anonymous said...

i didnt look at hes until you mentioned it , yea another strong one. keep kickin ass. Bill

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