Friday, May 16, 2008

Physical Altercations:

Yesterday, while playing soccer. I had to do what stewie did to brian in this video. LOL!

Some morons just belong on a soccer field. They are just not good enough and never will be!

Gotta love it. Say NO to violence!



Darwin said...

Stewie, ur thoughts on AUY? Gold shares oversold and AUY has copper to boot-copper breaking out of a 2 yr. channel! fyi, made a killing with PKX! 96 degrees in Portland, Wow! what ya cookin' on the bar-b?

Stewie said...

hi darwin. nice trade with PKX. i did hope that you took the trade. AUY looks to have bottomed. has a H&S pattern with resistance at 15.5-ish. looks to headed to 19 in the weeks to come imo. good luck buddy!

Darwin said...

Stewie, thx for your input...speaking of what I said about copper, I think FCX will make new highs like a bullet train ala dry shipper style. I think gold stocks ready to do the same..

Stewie said...

bro. you are fishing in the right sector.

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