Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great Art Of Trading Testimonial!!!

"In Art of trading I am finding new life/hope. In the beginning I thought that professional
trading people (a) always use mental stops only, (b) have huge (eg 100% returns) trades
every day, and rake in the money easily. I now realize that even pros use real stops (they need to), the best way to trade is slow, small, steady consistent profits, and small tiny
(lessor) losses, and don't expect a home run every time, and it is not sinful / bad to have a losing trade, in fact it is worse to delay the loss - it will only get worse, and worse until
your account is bleeding dry.

Overall I am thrilled with Art of trading, as is my wife. It is helping me unlock the keys to success and showing me good habits of trading/traders. I look forward to continuing for a long time, and making some serious money along the way.I hope to be more active on the chat board (when I have time at work).

6 out of 7 trades here that I took were profitable:
NEP, HEAT (used a call instead of stock), TSTC, RAX, CRM, HPJ
some of those I got even better entry or exit price. I did what you said
on each of them."

momo stock trader


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