Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Did the exact same steps i showed you in the video yesterday and PDS popped up on my scan and is setting up really well.


StockFiend said...

Whats your target on a breakout? Day trade or swing?

Stewie said...

Hi S.F. this setup calls for a very short term trade. A day trade or a 1-3 day affair for now. Target is $10.

AL said...

Nice one. Also LAVA may be a typical "Stewie" setup triggered today.

gamingthemarket said...

You and I have been stalking some of the same names for exactly opposite reasons.

PDS is at a two year linear regression high. That means 95% of price is contained for the last two years.

These moves have been great short setups for the last six months. THM CRIS and HPJ were also nice shorts when they hit 2yr LR highs this week.

This is a good example of momo vs. regression styles. They both work well within their respective time windows. However, time eventually favors mean reversion.

positiontrader said...

Love the volume on this one. Thanks!

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