Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stewie's Half Pound Bomb Burger!!!

Tonight i made some burgers for my hungry pregnant wife and myself.

Check out the pics i took!!! Those bad boys were half a pound each and packed with HIT YOU IN THE FACE FAVOR!!!


1 pound of ground beef(15%fat).
3 slices of bacon.
Gruyere cheese sliced
dijon mustard.
lemon pepper spice mix.
lawry's seasoning salt.
some butter.
last but not least: KAIZER ROLL: most people don't realize that the best part about a burger is the burger bun!! I love Kaizer rolls. GET SOME!

In a cast iron pan: heat it on low: and throw the bacon on there for 5-8 minutes and cook both sides till golden brown and crispy. (remember: GOLDEN BROWN meat always tastes good!)
remove the bacon from the pan and put aside.

Season the ground beef with the Lawrys salt and lemon/pepper spice mix generously. Mix well and form into two burger patties.

Remember the pan is still on the heat and now it has some bacon fat on it after you removed the bacon. That bacon fat is good stuff, use it! Put a touch of butter in the pan and throw the burgers on there and seer them on medium high heart. DO NOT TOUCH THE BURGER AND PLEASE DO NOT PRESS DOWN ON THE BURGERS(you will dry it out) leave them alone for 3-4 minutes.
The burgers will create a beautiful golden brown crust on one this side and now flip them and do the same of the other side. let them cook for 3-4 minutes.

Now, throw the pan with the burgers in it with a preheated 400 degree oven. Let the burgers roast for 8-10 minutes.

Take the kaizer buns, slice them in half and slightly butter each side. Throw those buns in the oven butter side down. They will become golden brown, warm and crispy!! Remember the bun is the best part of the burger! Make it with love.

At the last minute of cooking for the burger in the oven: throw the bacon on top of the burger and top that off with the Gruyere cheese, close the oven door and let the cheese melt for 1 minute.

Put some dijon mustard on the burger buns and put the burgers on there and ENJOY!!!! You will be a hit at your parties and you can credit for it!!

i like to serve them with simple jalapeno favored store bought potato chips.

let me know if you try this recipe and fill me in how it turns out please!!


The burger is done!! It will be the best burger you ever had! I guarantee it!!


John C. Lee said...

that is freakin' insane.

paramedics on standby.

Stewie said...

LOL! Guilty pleasure! Need to hit the gym hard the next day.

Novice_trader said...

Good cheese choice (Gruyere). IMO the cheese makes the burger. Not that the bun isn't important too ;)

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