Friday, October 1, 2010

Awesome Day At The ART OF TRADING!


Sold IMAX for a buck at $17.85 my avg was $16.85 rocks, you are kind! god give you long health and lot of prosperity."



Love when you spot these plays and buy ahead of the actual breakout! Got $860 out of this trade! The others were nice too by the way. Great way to start October!"


"Hey T.S.

Great call on IMAX long alert! Good for 6% gain thus far for me. I know you sold it but i got a good feeling about this one. Will hold it but where would you raise stops to now? Thank you for all your hard work and quick responses to all my emails!"

Tom S.

"Thank you Stewie, It is really comforting. I`ve found a place where traders are generous and make me feel as if I were among friends. I love trading. It is my passion. I wish I had more knowledge and I know I will some day. In the meantime, I have you and the members of the chat room to guide and help me. This is a lonely activity, one cannot talk to friends or relatives about our mistakes or good trades but in the chat room one can share all this. Thank you again and again!"



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