Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cash Is King

Hi guys,

I think holding lots of cash makes the most sense. There are too many unknowns right now. Lots of damaged stocks out there today and historically this type of strong selling in names like: CRM, NFLX, AKAM, VMW, FFIV, RHT, RVBD to name a few is the start of a TREND CHANGE. These stocks were the leading names once the market took off running in Late August. Now these stocks are breaking down. Any logical trader would view this as a warning sign that something is NOT right out there and many veteran traders know that the market tops out in a process that takes time. Tops and bottoms do not happen in ONE day. They happen in a process which often takes days or even weeks. There will be numerous attempts by both bulls and bears to make their stance until eventually the stronger side wins. So expect lots of head fakes up and down over the next few days before an eventual break one way or the other. With big techs flashing warning signs today: I feel that the bears are starting to smell blood here but AS ALWAYS HAVE AN OPEN MIND AND BE OPEN TO ALL POSSIBILITIES!

CASH IS KING as far as i am concerned for short term traders.

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