Monday, October 18, 2010

Sample Emails ART OF TRADING Members Got This Morning

Sent to members at 11:20AM Today:


Hey guys,

I am really starting to think it's time for a deeper pullback to start soon. We are seeing some signs that a little pause or period of resting is needed here. Keep in mind, AAPL had a huge run lately and they report their numbers today. If i had to guess: I would say that AAPL will kick ass on their earnings. The stock will initially pop higher and then move lower tomorrow and we are likely to see a "SELL ON THE NEWS" type scenario. The bull run is NOT over in my humble opinion BUT it needs to take a breather and i am thinking very soon, we could see a start of a correction. So please BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY! Nothing worse than holding stocks that you bought at elevated levels expecting a breakout only to see the indexes start to pullback. Very anxious moments and it's best to avoid them."

Here's another email i sent members at 3:10PM

"All Cash Ahead Of AAPL Numbers

Hi guys,

AAPL reports numbers after the close today. This will be a market mover! Obviously AAPL is gonna blow these numbers out of the water and will report very good results but it's the reaction to these numbers that is most important. ALL cash ahead of tomorrow and we will see how things look tomorrow morning."

If you also want to see some more sample emails please email me

I will forward you some of the emails!!

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