Thursday, March 10, 2011

New ART OF TRADING Video: Discussing A Bounce Trade In POT

"Words cannot describe the honesty and value of this guy!

I trade to live. I live to learn. Trader Stewie lives to teach. Anyone who values actual honesty, integrity, and educational power, will follow,watch,and learn from this guy. I am a young trader and experienced near death for a few years, I had several recurring brain tumors. Many people have told me, " do something great with your life, you are alive for a reason". Maybe yes, maybe no, but this is what I love. And looking to help from Trader Stewie makes me that much more confident in my response when I say, that this is what I love. Trading, learning to trade, learning from pros like Stewie."

Jason B. (Yitzman23) Please see his review HERE

"I got out at $54.17 for $330 gain. Wish I went with my usual 1000 shares but went with 500. Sold cuz the market is horrible.

Nice call!"

Gianluca (Member for 2 months)

"Hey stw,

This is the sort of trade i typically take on my own. Your entry was pretty much perfect! Not many people can say they made $620 on an ugly day in the market and i have you to thank!
Enjoying every aspect of the service. Please keep up the great work and know it is very appreciated!"

Daniel A. (member for 4 months)


Make sure to ask about SMS texting of the alerts and Auto Trading of the alerts!

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