Wednesday, December 28, 2011

All Done For 2011

Officially all done for 2011 as of today. Volume has dropped off a cliff this week and see no point on being out there risking capital and risk making silly mistakes with only 2 days left in 2011. Saving my energy and focus for January 2012!!

We had 9 profitable months and 3 losing months. Overall i am pleased with the performance but like every other trader i know, there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

I decided to take a very conservative approach starting in early June once we started seeing an "alarming" number of failed breakouts and just prior to index charts rolling over hard. This helped many AOT members stay out of trouble during the July/August crash. One of the key strategies i was "forced" to adopt was to eliminate swing trading almost completely for a while. This was done out of necessity pretty much since most of the news was coming overnight out of Europe while US markets were closed. In hindsight this was a really sound decision when looking at what had transpired and seeing how the Euro zone crisis had escalated to levels i couldn't have imagined previously.

Some recent feedback from ART OF TRADING members:

"Your service has been invaluable to me (my portfolio is up 25% this year thanks to you and everything I learned in the chat room). I will not unsubscribe, ever! :)

Claire (ART OF TRADING member for 9 months)"

"What a great day! Today I traded DMND, AAPL, and WNR all for profits.

I lost a lot of my account value in this summer's crash. That was when I decided to try trading instead of traditional investing. Thanks to you and the chat room I have recouped all my losses and am green :)
Thank You!

Soozie" (ART OF TRADING member for 4 months)

"Best Trading room!

I'm fairly new to trading with just over 1 year of experience. Tried a few chat rooms around before I landed on Art of Trading. I can easily say this is the best trading room with the smartest bunch of guys - focus on high quality trades, good risk management and great sense of market direction. I've benefited immensely from their experience and have definitely improved my risk/reward with my trades.

LongCandles" (ART OF TRADING member for 3 months)


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