Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An ART OF TRADING Member Books A 200% Gain In AMZN Puts

Got this email today from Ganesh(Gan333) who has been a member here at the ART OF TRADING for over 2 years. Earlier in the morning, i mentioned AMZN as a good short. Ganesh took the trade via PUT options and scored an amazing 200% gain in about 3 hours!

"Great call on AMZN short entry in the chat room, is attached that trade that says it all.

Of all the things I have bought and sold in the last 3 years in the market, this service is the best buy and hold investment.........and on a recurring basis too!
And I've tried quite a bunch of services.....but your personal take and mentorship on a realtime basis on the market is what makes this special.
My trading style has definitely benefited from your advise to buy and more importantly NOT buy.......

'Fuinha' and 'LongCandles' from the chat room make many great calls too!"

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