Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Setups To Watch

"Hey stew

I played the GLD short setup this morning by buying jan 145 put options and im up 70%! thanks for the setup! should i hold or sell some, wow never thought i would see gold slice tru the 200 day like that, is this the start of something bigger?"

Pascal (New ART OF TRADING member still on free trial!)


I just talked to Paypal and my account should be good to go. Please reactivate my subscription. Your service has been invaluable to me (my portfolio is up 25% this year thanks to you and everything I learned in the chat room) so I will not unsubscribe, ever! :)

Claire (ART OF TRADING member for 9 months)

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Dylanarman said...

It follows that the price charged tends to be a marketing decision based on the "value proposition" of products.

Day Trading System

farmland investments said...

I just initiated a double long position on the S&P as I am expecting a bounceback!

Penny stock news said...

The nine months selling and buying make worth higher profit while forecasting is positive.

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