Friday, September 28, 2012

"Most Profitable Month of Trading EVER!"

ART OF TRADING Members Feedback! 

Stewie and everyone in chat: Thank you for helping to make this my most profitable month of trading EVER!

Rudy (ART OF TRADING member for over 6 months)

 Hey stew,
I am stockhead in the chat.  I had never used 'stochastic' before the video you e-mailed us.  I've had the best two weeks of my career and have been trading for five years.   
Thanks for pointing out something new!
I hope I have found a new home in your chatroom.  Thanks for everything!
Take care.
StockHead (ART OF TRADING member for one month)

Hi, Stewie....

This is my first week in your chat room and have to tell you I have thoroughly enjoyed it.... your emails and alerts are great and there's a very positive atmosphere that is not found in all rooms... Thanks for everything and I look forward to a long membership. 

Hector (New member still on 14 day FREE TRIAL) 

Hey Stewie,

I use the stewiebot and have had a $2000 plus week! Thank you for running a great service!!
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Amar (Art Of TRADNG member for 3 months)

Thanks Stewie!  Got in TWM at $28.14  . Sold whole position @ $28.77.  TYP : Take Your Profit!!  
Great call my man!!

Kevin P. (ART OF TRADING member for only 3 weeks!)

Hey Boss,

SYMC - Followed your trade alerts to the penny [in at $19.14 and out at $19.42: sold for good gains]

LEN - The most profitable trade of the week, bought on your alert @ $34.24 and held the full position, stopped out on friday afternoon @ $36.48  : sold for a $2.24 profit!

I am continously learning and feel that your service is of great value for me, many thanks for your time, effort and willingness to share.

All the best,
Gord (ART OF TRADING member for about 5 months)



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