Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Have trouble Believing The Bears Will Win

I have been around a while and i cannot help but notice that when everyone gets bearish very quickly, (it's very normal after the massive trauma the market has been thru this year) i must be a contrarian and i wanna see the bullish side. We'll see but I think the bulls have a good chance here.


Anonymous said...

Just does this current observation reconcile with your previous post of last week Wednesday? Do you think that things have changed that much in a week?

Stewie said...

HI ANON. when you trade for a while, gut feel will play a factor into your decision making more and more. Last week felt like the bears had total control and i even turned bearish and made some nice trades in SKF. but i cannot help but notice as the week went on and seeing how bearish sentiment among bloggers and chat room postings that this sentiment gets very intense "quickly". The operating word here is "quickly". Once too many get bearish quickly, that's always a warning sign for me to stat thinking the opposite side. This based purely on guy feel. But check out my post on the AAII sentiment measures posted above and you'll see how 'quickly' the market participants got bearish. hope this helps explain my rational here.

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