Monday, June 23, 2008

NR7 On the Indexes: Expecting An Expansion In Price In Tmrw's Session

Most likely a continuation of the downtrend as i see no signs of a bottom yet. Lots of tradeable ideas out there both long and short. It really is a tale of two markets, where the commodity stocks are ripping like it's 1999 and the financials are dying like it's 1929. I booked over $3000 today day trading IPI long and XL short. I was up a little more earlier in the day but i over traded a little and lost a little composure and discipline. Still happy with the daily performance all in all. IPI and XL were both sweet movers and hoping for more aggressive moves going forward.

Good trading guys.


Anonymous said...

i'll tell ya, if i follow you and upside trader, i can make a livin. i need to execute better. my problem is i hold too long. What tells you when to get out stew?

Stewie said...

holding too long is a very common problem in trading. my problem is the exact opposite, i take profits too fast. you are gonna have to send me charts tih your entry and exits and i can tell you what you are doing wrong. you can shoot me an email at:

Blue said...

IPI @ 70.50 was a pretty sweet set up today.

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