Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So What Are The BEST Looking Charts Right Now??!!

Let's check out the 52 week highs list. Anything hitting new 52 highs in this crapfest of a market will takeoff once we get some stability. So let's keep track of those stocks.


lelio said...

dont you find it to be a bitch trading in this market, I long for some stability. these huge gaps are driving me nuts and these last two days with huge swings have been a bitch too. are you having the same issues?

Johnson's Trading Blog said...

CPRT looks solid but how sad that we've been reduced to auto dealerships?

Stewie said...

lelio. obviously you didn't see my posts on WallStreak earlier today. I agree with you 100%, this market is a fuckin a load of crap. no volume, no follow thru, no leadership. I am contemplating going back to ONE TRADE A DAY until i see this mrkt deserving of more. so, i share your frustration. It is known that mrkts ebb and flow between trending and choppy mrkts but this chop is just brutal to watch and trade. It will bleed accounts with time if you continue to trade this crap. I am staying out for now.

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