Monday, December 14, 2009

Now This Is One AWESOME Testimonial From An ART OF TRADING Member Still On Free Trial!!!

"Greetings Stew,
I must say based on my 8 year experience trading futures and learning technical analysis and being in other rooms and gone thru a few "guru/room calls" this room/calling service you have is the real deal. I find you're approach very workable to my tolerance and my style. I know how to trade stocks on a technical stand point but would like to improv and learn my scanning abilities and how to narrow them out from the list. I feel very strongly after my observation that the charts you provide and emails will assist me next year. This being said, I wanted to let you know that i am leaving tomorrow for a Christmass break with my family (5yr old,8yr old and very supportive wife of 10 yrs) and will be gone for a month traveling to another country. Over the weekend i decided after seeing the value you added in the room and thru emails that i will not stop my subscription even though i wont be around for a month.
To a prosperous new year.


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