Friday, August 20, 2010

Art Of Trading Members Having A Good Month!!


You are cool picked the high RSI stock (picking is an art and you have it by the grace of god) and hit it nice, did not join you I am still watching you and soon I will be flanking you:)



Awesome trade Stewie! I thought you were nuts going long VMW seeing the market down so much but i followed you anyway and thankfully was able to pull $680 from this VMW trade! You have been on fire lately. August turning into a pretty good month for me and it's mostly thanks to you mate. Keep it up!

Jeff M.


Just saw your track record for this month. 6 completed trades - 1 breakeven (QLD), 5 gains (ASIA, AONE, ANR, VECO, OEH). Well done stew, looks like your patience pays off! I really admire your patience though. I can tell that you really trade when there is an edge - 6 trades in the span of two weeks!! Keep up the good work.


"Made about $500 first VMW trade and hit limit. Went in for more and made further $700! thanks for the advice you were spot on!


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