Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art Of Trading Review From A New Member!!

"Personal Attention To My Success

I first heard of Trader Stewie and his Art of Trading service through investimonials after reading the numerous good reviews from his other subscribers. So i decided to take his 14 day free trail. After only three weeks i felt compelled to write a review of my own and share my short yet superb experience.

His analysis of stocks/markets is uncanny and managed to not only put me in some good trades which allowed the service to pay for itself but has also kept me out of trouble on trades which i took on my own. He is always willing to help whether you email him directly or find him in the chat room. I feel like he genuinely wants his subscribers to succeed and this was very obvious to me after interacting with him for a few days.
What impresses me most about his method is how patient he is at allowing a trade setup to develop. He is not scared to sit it out until a good hand meets his criteria.

The Art of Trading chat room is one of better chat rooms i have frequented in my years of trading. There is a good vibe among the subscribers. Trader Stewie is in there daily helping out and calling out his trade alerts(also emails the trade alerts). He is "one of guys" in there and you sense that he doesn't have a big ego. The chat room also boasts several other talented traders and that's always a plus!

I firmly recommend this service! In fact I have already told my colleagues at work about it.

Do yourself a huge favor and sign up!"

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