Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bring It On!!

A brand new ART OF TRADING member emails me and asks:

"Hi Stewie,
I have a very important favor to ask you.. My trading techniques are exactly like HCPG which Im sure you're very familiar with.. I'm very good at looking at charts but as you know, my problem is I still buy stocks with mediocre setups because impatience. I want to change that habit.
Is there a way where we can communicate real time during trading days? Don't worry, Im not gonna talk much, all I want to do is everytime I see and chart setting up, I will ask what you think.. This is very very important for me Stewie that I can chat with you in real time.
I understand that you have a chat room but I dont want to get involved in that too much because it will just confuse me as too many strategies are put on the table..
Please Stewie. I hope you say yes, I wont bother you too much, all I will ask are your thoughts if i have charts setting up intraday.. Im going to sign up today..



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