Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stocks Approaching Bounce Zones

I like 3 stocks on pullbacks to their support zones. Bounces in these names looks imminent.


opader said...

Hey thanks for your charts. I got banned by Atilla today b/c I noticed the he had removed the one and only comment he posted early today "1100 is a good long entry". Did you happen to see that?

Stewie said...

i did see that. Many others did too. Why did you get banned?

opader said...

B/C I told him what he did was not right, deleting his comment that is. Also I told him that he led many people to massive losses while he was a raging bear from April-May 2009 to Jan 2010, constantly posting and promising a dramatic crash to come imminently. I remember headings like, "there is a train coming your way, get out" or "market is going to close tomorrow". Now he is promising new highs in SPX by the end of this year.

Personally I think he is too emotional and arrogant to be a good trader. He is always looking for a fight with Market, not sure why. It seems to me he has got too much to prove. It would not surprise me to learn that he has lost a great deal of his own money by being on the wrong side of a trade and just "sticking to his guns" for a long time. Until he finally forced to close his position with a massive loss. I think he blames the big firms for his losses. It's all over his writings. Very typical of a loser, "it's not me, it's these big guys cheating".

Any who, I really appreciate your work, your blog and your posts. I look at Xtrenders b/c there are a few good traders posting there. Another guy I like is methunk (mr. teeth). If you happen to have an email for him, please let me have it since I cannot reply to him on Xternders anymore.

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