Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Art Of Trading Member Reviews His Progress After 6 Months!!

Why I recommend The ART OF TRADING!

It’s a service for the person who wants to improve on his or her gains.


I didn’t know what a breakout stock was, much less when a breakout failed, how to manage a winner and when to cut your losses on a failed breakout.


Stewie is also one of the very best at providing “stock alerts” well in advance of the trading day. He gives you plenty of stocks to watch and you will have opportunity to make $$ if you pay close attention to his alerts for the whole trading day.


I had to free myself of a past where I focused only on fundamentals. Adding charts, patterns and trends improved my success rate. Stewie’s momentum trading and several traders in his chat room offering their methods continue to sharpen my skills.

Ongoing Education

Stew’s alerts are backed up by detailed and explained charts. He also uses twitter to take chart requests and gives his analysis of each stock: good, bad, angry or ugly. He emails additional charts and trading thoughts from his friends and peers that support his teachings and the current state of the market.

Some people catch on to Stewie’s offerings quickly. It has taken me about 6 months to notice the profound and profitable changes in my own trading. I had a lot more baggage than many traders. My old habits were sabotaging my gains. Some fundamental info is helpful, but it is “good setups” that are paramount! It is easy to get distracted by information overload. Stewie and the chat room are a good way to improve focus (imho).

Be open minded, open to change and you will be glad you opted to learn from Stewie and his participating traders. Better management leads to good luck, not simply wishes.

Guy White a.k.a. white1h

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